Big Berkey Water Filter System


Discover the Big Berkey Water Filter System – A powerful water filter that transforms tap water into pure, great-tasting drinking water. Say goodbye to contaminants in your tap water and hello to great-tasting water. Enjoy clean and refreshing water at home with ease.

Introducing the 2.25-Gallon Big Berkey System – Enjoy Great-Tasting Tap Water Every Day at Home

The Big Berkey System is your countertop companion for transforming ordinary tap water into delicious, refreshing drinking water that’s perfect for quenching your thirst or enhancing your favorite beverages and culinary creations.

Deluxe 7″ Stainless Steel Berkey Water View Spigot – See Water Levels with Ease

Our innovative water view spigot, crafted with premium stainless steel, allows you to effortlessly monitor the water level in the lower chamber of your Berkey water filtration system. No more lifting the top chamber to check water levels! Enhance visibility with the optional blue floater ball, easily installed inside the spigot’s glass tube.

Independent Testing – Trusted Performance

The Black Berkey Elements (the original BB9-2) have undergone rigorous testing by accredited, third-party labs. These elements are a unique blend of multiple media types, ensuring they effectively remove or dramatically reduce over 250+ typical contaminants found in freshwater sources. The best part? No electricity, tools, or plumbing required!

Includes Authentic Black Berkey Elements – Your Assurance of Quality

Beware of imitations claiming to be “compatible” replacements for our Berkey BB9-2 model number. Stick with authenticity and rely on Black Berkey Elements, specifically designed to work synergistically, targeting contaminants far beyond the capabilities of ordinary black filters.

Economical and Long-Lasting – Pennies per Gallon of Clean Water

Save money and enjoy clean water for an extended period. Each pair of Black Berkey Elements provides filtered water for up to 6,000 gallons before replacement is recommended. Depending on water quality, you may even achieve even greater longevity. Additional pairs (sold separately) add an extra 6,000 gallons of contaminant reduction.

Upgrade your water filtration experience with the Big Berkey System – The Gold Standard in Gravity-Fed Water Filtration.