Airiver Worlds Smallest 10L Family Atmospheric Water Generator


Discover the Airiver LIBERATOR, the world’s smallest high-caliber filtration atmospheric water generator. Awarded the 2023 iF Design Award, this device revolutionizes water security, generating pure water from air. Ideal for any situation, it’s your go-to solution for clean, safe water, anywhere, anytime.

Introducing the Airiver LIBERATOR, the world’s smallest high-caliber filtration Atmospheric Water Generator, awarded the prestigious 2023 iF Design Award. This compact yet powerful device is a revolution in water security, generating sufficient pure water for a family of four. Ideal for solar camping, surviving natural disasters, and embracing the RV#VanLife lifestyle, the Airiver requires no external water source, creating pure water directly from the air.

Constructed with robust, anti-leak components, the Airiver ensures complete containment of unwanted particulates, providing you with clean, safe water. All impurities remain securely trapped within the system, making the water it produces safer than your tap water.

The Airiver is designed for superior filtration, anywhere, anytime. With no need for piping or plumbing, this portable Atmospheric Water Generator is your go-to solution during natural disasters, severe water shortages, or water-contaminating floods. It’s designed to add and filter water from any source, regardless of temperature or humidity.

Despite its powerful performance, the Airiver  is remarkably energy-efficient. Requiring a mere 250W/day, it’s perfect for pairing with your truck inverter, solar generator, or any other power source for your on-the-go lifestyle. With a filter set that only needs replacing every 12 to 18 months, it’s a long-lasting solution for your water needs.

The Airiver can draw, purify, and transform a staggering 12 quintillion gallons of water into clear, thirst-quenching hydration using the moisture in our atmosphere. Simply plug it in, let it activate, and enjoy up to 10 liters a day in indoor or outdoor environments with a temperature of 59*F and humidity of 35% or higher. Experience the revolution in water security with the Airiver .