PUR PLUS Water Filter Replacements (2 Pack) – Mineral Core


Upgrade to cleaner, safer, and mineral-enriched water with PUR PLUS Water Filter Replacements, certified for superior filtration and designed for PUR systems. Enjoy 6 months of pure, refreshing water.

Experience Pure Refreshment with PUR PLUS Water Filter Replacements

Six Months of Unmatched Water Quality

Get the genuine PUR PLUS experience with these PUR PLUS Water Filter Replacements, designed to last for six months. They are specifically crafted to fit seamlessly into your PUR PLUS or Beautiful by PUR Faucet Mount Water Filtration System, ensuring cleaner, safer, and mineral-enriched water.

Exclusive Compatibility and Superior Performance

These filters are uniquely compatible with PUR PLUS systems. Unlike other brands, they are not just compatible but also certified to work efficiently with your PUR PLUS or Beautiful by PUR system, guaranteeing optimal performance and water quality.

Advanced 3-in-1 Water Filtration

PUR sets the standard in water filtration with its 3-in-1 technology. As the only brand certified by WQA and NSF, it reduces up to 70 chemical and physical substances, including harmful lead and microplastics, ensuring your drinking water is safe and pure.

Long-Lasting Filtration

Each filter is engineered to provide up to 100 gallons of cleaner, safer water, or up to 3 months of regular use. This long-lasting design means fewer replacements and more consistent water quality.

Mineral Core Technology for Refreshing Taste

Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of mineral water right from your tap. PUR’s Mineral Core Filter Technology infuses your water with essential minerals, enhancing both its quality and taste.

Trust in the #1 Selling Brand

With over 35 years of trusted performance, PUR is the leading brand in faucet filtration. Their rigorous standards and certifications ensure that you’re getting the best in water filtration technology.