PUR Water Filter (Faucet Mount) – FM-3333B


Elevate your water quality with the PUR Water Filter (Faucet Mount), certified to reduce over 70 contaminants. Easy installation and genuine filters ensure optimal performance for the #1 brand in faucet filtration.

Experience Pure Water with the PUR Water Filter (Faucet Mount)

Faucet Water Filtration at Its Finest

Transform your tap water into a refreshing and clean drinking experience with the PUR Water Filter (Faucet Mount). This system, model number RF-3375, comes equipped with two filters, expertly designed to reduce lead and a multitude of other contaminants, ensuring every sip is as pure as it is satisfying.

Advanced Contaminant Reduction

The PUR Water Filter with Faucet Mounted Filtration stands out in its ability to reduce up to 70 different contaminants, including harmful substances like lead and mercury. Certified for its exceptional performance, it surpasses Brita’s leading pitcher filter by reducing 10 times more contaminants, offering you unparalleled water quality right from your faucet.

Effortless Installation

Installation is a breeze with the PUR system’s easy 1-click attachment feature. Designed to fit most faucets, this system can be set up in moments without any tools. However, it’s important to note that it’s not compatible with pull-out or hand-held faucets, ensuring a perfect fit for standard models.

Optimal Performance with Genuine Filters

For the best water filtration experience, the PUR system requires the use of genuine PUR faucet mount water filters. These filters are uniquely certified for use in PUR systems and should be replaced every three months to maintain peak performance and water quality.

Leading Brand in Faucet Filtration

PUR stands as the #1 selling brand in faucet filtration, a testament to over 30 years of innovation and commitment to superior water filtration technology. With contaminants entering water systems daily, the importance of filtering your water cannot be overstated. Trust in PUR’s legacy of developing cutting-edge solutions for clean, safe drinking water.