Dewstand Atmospheric Water Generator 8 gal/Day

Experience the purest water with our advanced Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG). Transforming humidity into clean, alkaline, ionized, and mineralized water, it’s your solution for healthy hydration. Easy to operate and eco-friendly, it also dispenses hot and cold water to your preference, making it a versatile addition to your home or office.

Experience the purest water you’ve ever tasted with our advanced air-to-water generator (AWG). Requiring only 35% humidity and a minimum temperature of 59 degrees, it produces clean, purified water even in dry climates. With external hookups for filtering tap water, our advanced filtration and purification system ensures perfection in every drop.

Enjoy healthy, clean water at your fingertips. Our Atmospheric Water Generator transforms humidity in the air into light alkaline, ionized, mineralized water that’s free of chlorine, fluoride, toxins, contaminants, and plastic leaching. You’ll never have to worry about the purity of your water again.

Embrace sustainable green technology with our Atmospheric Water Generator. It’s not just a water system; it’s a step towards reducing the impact of plastic consumption and carbon footprints that are harming our planet. It’s the best ecological water system for a greener future.

Operating our Atmospheric Water Generator is a breeze. No plumbing or water connections are required, and it features state-of-the-art technology with a user-friendly LCD operating panel. For additional guidance, Dewstand unboxing, set-up, and screen operating videos are available on YouTube.

Our AWG doesn’t just dispense water; it caters to your preferences. You can set the temperature of your cold and hot water according to your liking. Enjoy the best tasting cold drinking water, perfect hot water for your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Plus, this 5-in-1 Atmospheric Water Generator acts as a dehumidifier, enhancing your air quality for a healthier living environment.